Meetings: Tuesday’s 5:30pm @ the Dunedin Club, 33 Melville St, Fern Hill, Dunedin.

President:         Derek King
Secretary:         Eleanor Archer
Treasurer:         Grant Batchelor
Welfare Officer: Bob & Jan Clark


Next meeting: 8th November
Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm start.
Apologies and meal guests to be entered into the web base (button below) by 11am on the day of the meeting.
To review your entries go to:
Meeting Responsibilities
Reception 1
Black, David
Reception 2
Grant, Stephen
President's guest
Grant, Stephen
Hamilton, Andrew
Thought for the week
Hamilton, Andrew
Speaker introduction
Lawson, Ken
Speaker thanks
Marshall, Rob
Spence, Graham
What's new
Thomas, Rajesh
Heads and tails
van der Klundert, Pieter
van der Klundert, Pieter

Responsibility and Apology Update

As an experiment to see who was on the ball, a few deliberate mistakes were made in the Bulletin yesterday ;-)
Well done for the people who informed the Bulletin Editor.
The below Roster and Meeting Responsibilities should now be correct. There are also the usual 'Apology' and 'Attendance Form' buttons back below our meeting information on the left of this Bulletin.
See you all tomorrow!
Remember: It’s your responsibility to arrange a substitute if unable to fulfil your duty.