Meetings: Tuesday’s 5:30pm @ the Dunedin Club, 33 Melville St, Fern Hill, Dunedin.

President:         Derek King
Secretary:         Eleanor Archer
Treasurer:         Grant Batchelor
Welfare Officer: Bob & Jan Clark


Next meeting: 30 August.
Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm start.
Apologies and meal guests to be entered into the web base (button below) by 11am on the day of the meeting.
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Aug 30, 2016
Sep 06, 2016
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Meek, Andrew
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Tay, Ah Lek
President's guest
Tay, Ah Lek
van der Klundert, Pieter
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Lawson, Ken
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Club Notices

Annual accounts for the club are all done ready for the AGM
Rotaract Quiz 15 September, Already a team going but still time for another!
Still looking for names for Jumbo Tennis!
Present and past club presidents Derek and Bob presented dictionaries to refugees last Tuesday, story to follow below.
Brigetta Anselmi will be inducted to the Club this Tuesday.
Please note that there is a change in speaker this week. Debbie Webster from Disability Information Service will now be presenting tomorrow night.
Partners nights will no longer be at a later time, all meetings from now onwards will be 5:30pm for a 6pm start.
Cystic Fibrosis

The Cystic Fibrosis Association were very pleased with all of our efforts for the Warehouse collection.


'Friday at the Warehouse contributed $289.60 to our overall total for Otago of $17,408.30, which is a really fabulous result.'
They asked project co-ordinator Ah-Lek to pass on thanks to everyone involved.
Past and current presidents Bob Smith and Derek King presented dictionaries to Syrian Refugee English Language classes at Carisbrook School and King Edward Tech last Tuesday.
The Rotary Club of Dunedin Central will donate over 300 of these dictionaries during this year.
It was great to see the genuine delight from all of these folk when they accepted our gift.
You can have a look at more photos from the presentation by going to the Club facebook page 
If you haven't already, like and share us on facebook!
Last weeks speakers
Beth and Adrian from the Servants Health Centre came to present at the Dunedin Central Club last Tuesday.
Servants Health Centre is Dunedin's only free health Centre and it is there simply because it is needed.
Users of the Centre include the homeless, the mentally ill, people with drug dependency, prisoners who have been released, people who've lost their jobs and also people who are employed but are still unable to meet the added high cost of healthcare. 
Servants Health Centre operates because of volunteers with big hearts who actually care for the patients using the service. They were runners up for the Health and Wellbeing awards 2016. 6000 free consultations are provided annually and people who need it are offered 10 free counseling sessions.
Beth told us the success story of Miles who used the Servants Health Centre. Miles lost his job and flat after the Christchurch earthquake and moved down to Dunedin where there was no work, he didn't know anybody and required medication. He was able to utilize the Centre and got back on his feet. He has since moved back to Christchurch and is now in a supervisory position up there.
The aim is to help more people like Miles. Ways people can do this are by:
volunteering – They need doctors, GP's, nurses, counselors or anybody who thinks they have something to offer.
Spreading awareness – You can join the Servants Health Centre mailing list here
The Centre works because they have a strong team of people, including Beth and Adrian behind it. They have compassionate nurses who have a strong connection to the patients and can also advise of other services when needed. They have the front line receptionists who are the first contact and provide a comfortable, friendly and non judgemental atmosphere. The Centre also has other personnel and financial backers along with a board of trustees who can offer their expertise and advice. 

Remember: It’s your responsibility to arrange a substitute if unable to fulfil your duty.

Dunedin Central profile photographs!

Over the next few weeks Murray Eskdale will be taking head shots of all Dunedin Central members for their Clubrunner online profiles. This will take place between 5:30 and 6pm at meetings until we have everyone's photo.