Meetings: Tuesday’s 5:30pm @ the Dunedin Club, 33 Melville St, Fern Hill, Dunedin.

President:         Derek King
Secretary:         Eleanor Archer
Treasurer:         Grant Batchelor
Welfare Officer: Bob & Jan Clark


Next meeting: 4 October
Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm start.
Apologies and meal guests to be entered into the web base (button below) by 11am on the day of the meeting.
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Oct 04, 2016
Development of Gel Technology
Oct 11, 2016
District Governor vist and talk
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van der Klundert, Pieter
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Anderson, Don
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Anderson, Don
Clark, Bob
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Foster, L, Lisa
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Club Notices

Welcome back Sue!

David Black is competing in a half marathon in Cambodia on 4 December, there are some sponsor lists going round so get you're name down on Tuesday!

Purple for Polio, 28th October. Looking for businesses to take part in the mufti day.

Also Andrew Meek is organising a raffle for polio, details to follow.

The Dunedin Brick show has been on all weekend with many of our members as well as NRG involved. Check out the pictures below of the show!

Abbeyfield Antiques Roadshow and Auction

Declutter & recycle your unwanted art, antiques, collectibles, or other items for a great cause! October 16th2 – 5 pm at the Otago Golf Club, 125 Balmacewen Road. Raising funds to make Abbeyfield’s "flatting for seniors" facility more affordable for everyone.
Buy tickets and get more info about the event HERE or call Margy-Jean Malcolm on
021 832 976 or 03 464 0081 if you have goods to go into the auction.
Abbeyfield living helps seniors remain well, socially connected and independent.
You can contact them at or check out 
'We would hugely appreciate the active support of local Rotary Clubs as we address the need for affordable, rental, supportive living options for seniors in our city.'

Club Night Summary 27th September 2017

Last Tuesday's club meeting was somewhat a small affair but didn't stop the buzz of new ideas and president Derek King highlighting the need for these monthly club nights to continue so that everyone can be involved in the planning and co-ordination of community projects.


Membership and PR committees combined for this meeting with membership suggesting future links with PR would be helpful. Actually all committees should be inked with PR as this is how we'll get the voice of Rotary out there. This was brought up before by Vicki with the introduction of the 'Project Forms' which can be used to get all information to the PR committee.
Membership are looking to get some pull up banners made up to have at Rotary events.
Possibility of having a Dunedin Central flag also.
29 October is the membership seminar at Logan Park.
Possibilities for more functions and parties outside of the usual meetings so new members can get to know everyone and use new networks to increase membership.
Suggestion of all new members bringing 2 new people along with them.
Maybe recruit some NRG members into the club?
Maybe recruit some refugees into the club? We have a link already with the dictionary project.
More site visit's like the Gasworks.
A new member incentive – anybody who brings a new member gets a bottle of wine!


Brick Show 1&2 October, now finished.
Book Sale. David Humphrey has arranged help for the books to be sorted and priced for the sale.
7 October there is a Blind Foundation collection.
End Polio now – Purple for Polio mufti day 28th October.


15th November is the foundation evening with the entertainment being John Usher the magician.
Looking for each member to bring 3-4 guests to increase numbers for the event.
Looking for items for the auction, we are a diverse group so could accumulate some special and interesting items to be auctioned. if you have any ideas come forward with them.
Remember: It’s your responsibility to arrange a substitute if unable to fulfil your duty.

Thought for the week

"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have a far-reaching effects." 

Dalai Lama

Upcoming Events
Jumbo Tennis
Nov 04, 2016 2:00 PM