Meetings: Tuesday’s 5:30pm @ the Dunedin Club, 33 Melville St, Fern Hill, Dunedin.

President:         Derek King
Secretary:         Eleanor Archer
Treasurer:         Grant Bachelor
Welfare Officer: Bob & Jan Clark


Next meeting: 26th July.
Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm start.
Apologies and meal guests to be entered into the web base (button below) by 11am on the day of the meeting.
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Jul 26, 2016
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Meeting Responsibilities
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Smith, Bob
Reception 2
Macleod, David
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Macleod, David
Nees, P, Peter
Thought for the week
Nees, P, Peter
Speaker introduction
Tay, Ah Lek
Speaker thanks
Walker, S, Susanah
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Heads and tails
Eskdale, Murray
Eskdale, Murray
New Bulletin!
Welcome everyone to the new Central Dunedin Club Newsletter! Note the meeting responsibilities in the left hand column and your personal commitments at the bottom of your email.


  1. Subs are now due! Everyone should have the invoice email with instructions for paying.

  2. There is a Rotaract Dunedin Quiz on Thursday 28th July, check out the details on the poster below!

  3.  Ah-Lek mentioned that the Jumbo tennis fund-raiser was not far away and teams need to be formed and entered into what is becoming an annual event.

  4. Sue Mackinlay enjoyed the Highlanders vs Chiefs game with the tickets she won at the auction last week, proceeds went to the Dunedin Central Rotary Club.

  5. Our Secretary Eleanor Archer told us about her interesting meeting with the Noose Rotary Club while she was over in Australia including the Australian national anthem! Check out the banner exchange photo later in the bulletin.

Last week's Speaker
Andrew Dunn Chair Parkinson's Otago
Parkinson's disease – Support & Education
Andrew Dunn gave a touching and personal talk on Parkinson's disease last week. He has first hand experience with his father having to retire early with Parkinson's. Andrew wants to educate and create more awareness and support about the disease and the society he volunteers for, of which there are 300 members. There is currently no cause or cure for Parkinson's and the only treatment is drugs. The average age of diagnosis is 59 and among high profile celebrities with the disease is Michael J Fox.
Andrew is pushing for  ore clinics in Otago and another support worker in a similar 'on the ground' role as Andrew.
There is a Parkinson's awareness week 1–7 November and there will be collections. If you get involved you'll be able to wear one of the red Parkinson's shirts!
Members on tour!
Our new Secretary Eleanor Archer, exchanging banners with the Noosa Rotary Club president!
CANS! CANS! CANS! Can we please have a big can push this week so we can fill a basket for the night shelter! Thank you!